• What is The Eye Of DAO ?


    In one sentence, what is the goal of the project ? 


    We want to provide our holders with the most important information circulating in all DAOs of the solana ecosystem, in a simple way and in real time, for 0.49 SOL.


    How is this possible ?


    Integration of the different DAOs : 


    • With the money collected during the mint, we will buy the NFT of all the biggest projects on solana. We will make sure that no one knows that it is our project that bought the NFT, in case some projects want to ban us. We have our plans for that.
    • We will then integrate the different DAOs anonymously. Several discord accounts will be created, and the NFTs will be on different wallets as well.


    Redirection of information to the private discord : 


    Three employees will be engaged. Their mission will be to monitor 24 hours a day the different channels (alpha and chat) of the different DAOS. They will transcribe the information they have found in different ways depending on the type of information:


    • Urgent information that must be transmitted quickly :For example, if a big DAO decides to sweep a floor or to mint an unknown project at the last moment. This information will be transmitted directly in dedicated channels by employees in real time, with notifications.
    • Less urgent information. For example, when DAOs talk about mint a project that will be released soon. In this case, employees will feed a tool with the information collected. This tool will define the hype level of a project based on the discussions of all the DAOs gathered.The information can then be transmitted to the holders before the mint.
    • Presale links. Some DAOs have access to the presale links of some projects. We will share these links with our holders in a dedicated channel.


    Community participation on the future of the project: 


    • We will set up a voting system for holders to decide which projects they want to buy to integrate the DAOs.
    • We will be open to any proposal from the community. For any coherent proposal, we will set up a vote and the holders will decide.


    What are the benefits for our holders? 


    • Holders will benefit from the information circulating in the DAO of the biggest projects, without owning a single NFT of these projects.
    • Holders will not have to spend hours reading the different channels in the DAO discord, because only the important information will be transferred to our discord.




    How the information collected in the different DAO will be reported to the holders ?


    A verification system will be put in place to allow holders to have access to private categories of the servers discord. These categories will contain the following channels: Holder Chat, Alpha chat, Upcoming Mint, Sweep The Floor, Mint Link, and Last Minute. 



    We will detail the information transmitted in these different channels, but first we must explain the classification of the DAO


    We do not intend to mention the names of DAO that plan to do certain actions such as sweep a floor, or anything else, as this would be considered an information leak. So we will rank the DAO from 1 to 5 🔥 according to their influence. Their ranking will be indicated in a specific channel and will evolve over time. 


    The announcements will be made in the following way : Example of a floor sweep : A DAO 🔥🔥🔥 is talking about sweeping the floor of "project X". Be ready..



    Now let's talk about the details of the different channels:


    Channel in which holders can write : 


    • Holder Chat : Chat for all discussions between holders
    • Alpha Chat : Chat for all discussions between holders about upcoming mints.


    Channels in which holders will not be able to write (react only): 


    • Upcoming mint : Channel in the form of a calendar: It will contain the projects that the different DAO are talking about, classified by date. In front of each project, a hype meter will be indicated from 1 to 5 🔥. This hype will be calculated by the tool made available to employees. The functioning of the tool will be revealed in a future announcement.


    • Sweep The Floor : Channel in the form of an announcement. When an employee sees that a DAO will soon sweep the floor of a collection, he will post a message in this channel. He will then monitor the discussion to post a second message when the DAO starts sweeping the floor. He will again monitor the discussion to try to get the information of when the DAO starts to resell and will post a message. This will allow you to not serve as an exit liquidity.


    • Mint Link : Channel in the form of an announcement, in which will be posted the mint links if some DAO has the link before the public. We will post in this channel only links provided by team members or moderators of DAO. If the posting of the link is planned in advance, a message will be sent in this channel to warn holders that we will have the link before the public.


    • Last minute : Channel in the form of an announcement. Any important information that is not planned in the previous channels will be sent here. Example: Invitation link for a closed discord, project without hype that a DAO decides to mint at the last minute to control the supply, or any other important information.



    Holders will of course be notified for every message posted, and they will have the possibility to disable notifications for specific channels.

  • What are the benefits for holders

    Our holders will benefit from private discord channels where they will find the following information:

    • The most shared projects in the Alpha channels
    • The projects whose floor will be swept.
    • The WL mint links shared in the DAOs.
    • Invitation links to closed discords shared in the DAOs.
    • Any other relevant information from these DAOs

    The information will be shared in real time and tools will be created to aggregate this information and create statistics.


  • Roadmap

    The Roadmap is simple :

    • Launch of website and discord server, grow the community.
    • Mint Day : The Eye will arrive in your wallet
    • Listing on marketplace
    • Purchase of the NFTs
    • Discord verification for holder
    • All the information of all the biggest DAO will be available in the dedicated channels.
    • Creation of reporting tools to analyze DAO trends
    • Holder Reward Program Begins : Details to come later